The company was founded in 1992, named Promecom Co. Ltd. Its main sphere of activity: importation, distribution, sale and service of home and professional health protection diagnostic and health preservation equipment, and beauty care devices. The company wishes to provide complex service in the field of health protection, so it is continuously expanding its product range with the most up-to-date solutions of healthcare. The product assortment includes also quality-assured sports nutrition, skin care product families as well as the products of intimate hygiene.

Company philosophy of Promecom

Medical devices, health protection tools, health preservation facilities: Health preservation, prevention and treatment of the diseases are important not only for the individual but also for the society. That is why greater emphasis is put on prevention, as well as the related continuous monitoring of the health condition of the individuals and their healthcare. Deterioration of the population’s health condition, sudden increase in certain diseases raises the demand for reliable medical instruments and health protection devices having up-to-date and quality-assured service background. Our company endeavours to involve the most modern, leading international and domestic diagnostic and health preservation facilities, as well as, telemedicine procedures in our company’s activity and product range.

Quality policy of the company

The company developed its quality management system in compliance with MSZ, EN, and ISO standard specifications, in order to provide complete service of outstanding quality level in the field of the importation, trade, customer service and service of home and professional health protection devices. This ensures careful consideration of the customers’ demands, as well as gaining of the satisfaction of our partners.

Qualifications, certificates and recommendations

Recommendation of the Hypertonic World Alliance; Qualification of Measuring Technology Work Team of the Hungarian Hypertonic Association; recommendation of the Department of Family Medicine of Semmelweis Medical University; Clinical validation; CE conformity marking; Hungarian Electrotechnical Control Institute.

Showroom, customer service, professional service and contacts

The centre of the company includes the showroom, the customer service and the quality-assured service, where repair, calibration and certification of the devices are performed according to the relative standards of EU. Calibration of the digital blood pressure monitors and thermometers for the institutes is performed by the service with documented, certified standards. The full range of our products can be seen and tested in our showroom, and the products can be purchased at the customer services even by private persons. Our professional service is dealing with the repair and replacement of the accessories of each product distributed by us, and of any type of blood pressure meters.