Sustainable public health and health care optimization

The promise of Medistance brand is sustainable social life and development, authentic, competent and value creating representation of the values of sustainable public health. Experience shows that most of the companies perform only campaign, ad-hoc activities in the field of sustainability, so it is inevitable that positive and sustainable results will lag behind. Arranging of the actions in strategy and process is inevitable for successful and sustainable company- and brand management. The main brand values of Medistance are connected with the value system related to continuous sustainability of the required human resources, needed for economic growth.

Instead of disease case appears real health care.

Medistance works for sustainability with its main activity. Both the individual and the community build on mutual responsibility. Those who use the system can care for themselves and others in their homes, without fuel consumption, pollution of the environment, moving away from their homes and loading the environment, still being not deprived from care based on clinically validated data. Innovation and sustainability are ideas which cannot be separated from each other. Computer devices and internet have received wider and more accepted role and environment in human life, including organization of information and activities related to health care. In the field of health preservation, prevention and controlling of the diseases there are available the technological conditions and professional experience, based on which the new type of mobile, home, community caring model - controlled with preparation of the decisions and process optimization, - has developed and can be efficiently operated in practice.

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