Promecom has been promoting the Hungarian Healthcare for decades, by continuous development and education. It connects the expectations of healthcare with the trends of the world by real solutions, such like as a bridge.

Establishment of value creating partnerships as a new trend of sustainability

Medistance is the catalyser of creating networks of the leading world brands e.g. OMRON.

Partnership in supply

OMRON - OMRON is among the 5 TOP brands being exemplary in respect of environment-consciousness.


Medistance promotes people in need at product level and distribution of knowledge.

Future generation

Medistance strives for health-conscious, responsible development of the youngest generation.

Medistance and Promecom promote education of the future generation of doctors with the scholarship program.


Research sponsorship

Responsibility of the individual is responsibility of the community

The individual is responsible for the community and the community is responsible for the individual.

Sustainable health care, responsibility for the environment, CSR, Promecom and donation

Medistance system contributes to the implementation of modern patient care in the home of the person; people can take care of themselves and each other without fuel consumption, environmental pollution, and moving away and thus without loading the environment.

Social education

Health conscious way of life - Medistance promotes health image of the different professional and social groups with its programs.