Medistance values: brand, health, innovation, healthcare: health is a value

Healthcare is supported by Medistance brand with its own values.


Competent and value-creating behaviour of Medistance supports responsibility of the individual and of the society, setting an example in responsible and prospective creation of the healthcare category.

Community building

We can connect with Medistance brand along real values and we can become a health community. Joint values, joint thinking, joint use of the tools and joint vision of the future.

Modernity and novelty

Innovation can always be copied at the level of technology. The real novel value established by Medistance is the community, founded on the basis of individual conviction and values. Appearance of the possibilities of digitalization in a traditional sector allows for establishing a new type of value community. We think and care always steps ahead others.

Personal care

Our health is at least as important for those close to us, as for ourselves. Safe sharing of our most sensible data with those taking care of us is ensured.


Right to health is our fundamental right. Healthcare developed by Medistance allows for freedom of choosing the time and way of decision-making and continuous use, as well as of the establishment of health community with individual initiatives.


Easy access to the mobile technology, consulting and sales points as well as competent and direct customer services allow for us to always be where we are needed.


Authentic past of the manufacturers is the guarantee of keeping the quality; our service provides customized healthcare available for everyone. By calling to life the health communities we ensure safe health service - healthcare - by means of a new type of connection.


We think and act in the long term. The most up-to-date products and the continuous supervision provide for reassuring healthcare.

Thinking fitting the market leader

Market leading position does not mean moving away. Continuous renewal and constant vicinity to people, to most modern development are important for us, in order to work for our environment and - in wider sense - for sustainable healthcare.

Guiding role

We endeavour not only in the field of technological solutions, but also in the establishment of responsible and conscious thinking at the level of the society.

Domestic product

Hungary is a thinking nation. As an initiative and responsible domestic company we aim at - following Oszkár Asbóth, Farkas Kempelen and Ernő Rubik -showing that it is possible to create value at home in the long term; that everybody can create value in his/her own field and can transfer this value as member of the society.


Really innovative is a person, who can originate and simplify complex knowledge from the vision behind the system and thus provide adventure and solution for the masses of consumers. Medistance makes availability of the complicated and complex health system easy for the final users.

Joint value creation of the leading companies

Certain strong brands have bigger influence than GDP of a smaller country. Medistance is the community of the high tech value creating technological brands of OMRON and SAP.

Visionary thinking – Medistance represents democratization of sustainable health affairs and health innovation for each interest group and concerned person.


Medistance is complex both as to its values and fields of competence. It provides the bridge between the domestic public health and the individuals. It provides complete solution systems for public health and the inhabitants with its technological content, the Promecom company in the background and in the alliance with the biggest brands.


Medistance represents democratization of sustainable health affairs and health innovation for each interest group and concerned person. In addition to the long-term targets Medistance is intended to contribute to everyday comfort and real ‘well-being’.

Connecting of generations

Digital natives of our present society are caretakers of the future. Young people can teach the older ones to use technology and the older people can teach the young ones to think responsibly and to take care.

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