Healthcare, public health in Hungary, health condition and health protection are in the focus of Medistance: Long-term success of a given society or community, their efficient and sustainable operation depend on the capacities, motivation and health of the individuals. An unhealthy society will become uncompetitive in every respect. The key point in modern societies is responsibility. Human health is affected by many factors. The most important ones, however, are the way of life and correct Healthcare.

The members of the society influence each other. People should not wait for having their problems solved by politics, doctors or someone else, and it is true vice-versa. Healthcare is our common responsibility and task; we have to pay attention to our common values.
Everybody has to take responsibility for his/her own decisions. One of our most important features should be learning to pay attention to others and to understand others.
Medistance makes healthcare our common matter, available and democratic for every member of the society - being an individual, a doctor or a political decision maker.