Mission of Medistance brand: Health preservation, therapy, telemedicine, and health data analysis.

Innovative creation of value in the field of health in this digital world.

Medistance is the choice of self-conscious, responsible and caring people. Mission of Medistance brand is to teach everyone to think and care for his/her own and each other’s health by means of the most up-to-date technology. Medistance is a real community. It makes us free to decide who should take care of us.

Health is a personal matter.

Medistance connects us through this personal matter.

Medistance assists the ever-ageing members of the society in receiving care, preventive life style advice, or optimum medical therapy, if required. By introducing fit and healthy life style and the related solutions it supports - in addition to the people at health risks and patients really needing care - also the young generation and the members of the society. Education of the new generation growing up together with the newest technologies has outlined significance in case of the Medistance brand, since in addition to the inherent use of the digital devices; conscious responsibility must get at least the same role. Caring for each other is the indicator of the developed societies. Medistance brand contributes to this by continuous health care as a new category. We should like to provide for simple, comfortable, continuous and completely safe access to the indications and data of our health condition for every participant of the society- being important for us.

Healthcare as a new approach and category: the promise of Medistance brand.

We create new and real category of continuous healthcare for the members of the society by means of establishing customized health prevention, care and therapy follow-up system based on clinically validated data, reliable and continuous availability of the same. This way Medistance brand means organization of professional healthcare in praxis community, with telemedicine, in team work with the family members and with individual target values for the medical profession. All these are realized in technological aspects in the complex of continuously monitored infrastructure including mobile, on-line, real-time, telemetrically measured medical data transmission and controlling, and optimizing data analysis, alarm, and steps of caring. This means at the whole society level, and that of the expenses and processes referring to healthcare - controlled, responsible, and prospective optimization.

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