The greatest change has to take place in the heads and not in the technology.

Telemedicine is a health-related activity - where communication based on the traditional doctor - patient consultation, added with transferring health data through electronic systems, and appearance of the doctor are included in an interactive working process (health care, telemedicine and social responsibility.)

Change in the present loading of the health system can only be expected, if the servicing forms outside the institutes, at the care points or at home will develop and become widespread. The social pre-condition of their propagation is given; digital technology is ready to be accepted from the side of the society. The basis of future development will be the technology performing automated processes, controlled by intellect and feelings.

Medistance is unique in offering a full service chain with devices and medical services in a business model, with quality-assured procedures and processes, introduction and solution on the mass market.

Change is only expected in the improvement of life quality and reduction of the national, social and individual loads, when Medistance health care model becomes widespread.