Really innovative is someone who – besides the technological innovation - can first respond to the real demands of the society.

Innovation and sustainability are ideas supporting each other. Internet and the measuring devices get more and more accepted role in the organization of human life, including information and activities related to health.

In the field of health preservation, there are available the technological conditions and professional experience, based on which the possibilities for propagation of the new type of mobile, home, community caring model - controlled with preparation of the decisions and process optimization, has developed and can be efficiently operated in practice.

Medistance health care system establishes, through innovation, a new kind of social connecting model, and this new health care model optimizes at the social level, too.

The health. Case: public health, healthcare, social responsibility:

The developing community surfaces of the internet have established virtual relation between the people and new communities could have been developed.
So humanity arrived at a new age, full of concrete possibilities by health care.

Anticipating this development trend Medistance established its health care system, which - supporting real value catalyzes the establishment of the health communities.


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