What is Medistance?

With the help of Medistance service You can continuously monitor the blood pressure and blood glucose level of your loved ones from any point of the country.* After the measurements the blood pressure values and the blood glucose values get in a web-based health logthrough a mobile connection,where the relatives or the doctors can follow up the measured values without their personal presence (blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, triglyceride, ECG).

What kind of values can be measured with Medistance service?

At present, measurements are possible. The system is capable of transferring weight, body fat, and peak expiratory flow data from home measurements:

How does Medistance work?

Medistance service uses for measurements OMRON, MIT Elite Plus blood pressure monitors and Multicare IN blood glucose monitors which have already been approved at the domestic market. Mobile, data transferring device of Medistance is connected to them, and the data become available for the relatives or the doctors within seconds from the measurement. Medistance uses GSM-based mobile data transmission for data transfer, so Medistance can be used from any point of the country where mobile network is available, even where traditional wire phone and internet connection are not available. The measured and collected data can be viewed on a web surface. This web surface can be accessed only by those who were given access by the patient.

Packages and fees

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What do you get in your Medistance service package?

  1. The devices needed for the measurements (OMRON MIT Elite Plus blood pressure monitor or Multicare IN blood glucose monitor).
  2. Medistance mobile data transmission device for data transfer..
  3. Continuous storing of the measured data in an excellently protected data centre.
  4. Viewing of the data at any time and immediately through the internet.

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* It is necessary for faultless operation of the service that the Mobile data transmission device could use GPRS connection with any of the mobile networks listed in the General Terms and Conditions.