“Our activity fundamentally focuses on human resources, so relevant sustainability is the purpose of our projects. Attitudes of the individual and of the community as to the health care, or either at the level of the society, should be changed so that we could really consciously care for our health. It is not easy. We have been fighting for 25 years in Hungary to convince the profession and the individuals that health is a value, that would not continuously renew, but care must be taken of it. This change requires careful knowledge transfer in extremely many dimensions.”

Rudolf Mezei, managing director, Promecom Co. Ltd.

Healthcare and social responsibility: Medistance contributes to the implementation of long-term well-being at the level of the individual, the community and the society in its own field, by establishing the category of health care.

Medistance strengthens the responsibility of the community for the health of the individuals, and promotes at the same time the individual in active contribution to preserving his/her own and the community’s health. Together with the cooperating partners Medistance indirectly contributes to the survey, analysis and continuous optimum caring of public health and health condition of the nation.

The partner companies of Medistance® system provide for transferring of the sensitive health data in a closed system and for their appropriate management. The data promote statement of the health trends, as well as, optimization of the health care at the community level (healthcare, social responsibility).



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