Medistance healthcare: steps ahead others.

Medistance makes the system of health care democratic and available.

Medistance brand vision: creation of a category.

Medistance brand vision is no more and no less than being synonymous with the idea of health care; offering customized, simple solution, praxis community and transparent system for those concerned by the Hungarian health care.

Brand Touchpoints: we represent our creed everywhere.

Medistance: health, healthcare and praxis community.

Medistance brand can be recognized in everything that is detectable. Our brand is everything what the outside world and our stakeholders meet. We are recognized of this and confidence in us is being created along these encounters. All these affect our existing relations and contribute to the development of the new types of our relations. It contributes to the development and preservation of the consumers’ confidence and it assists in gaining new, excellent people and partners and in setting them besides our affairs. We are representing - with our responsible presence - the new category of health care towards the society.



Medistance leadership