Introduction of the OMRON blood pressure monitor, OMRON nebulizer, OMRON products, and OMRON healthcare:

OMRON - The most up-to-date medical devices

Health preservation sector of the Japanese OMRON company has been present on the domestic market for more than 20 years. Users of the several hundred million blood pressure monitors all over the world and users of the more than one million OMRON devices in Hungary prove reliability, quality, preciseness and user-friendly features of the OMRON products.

OMRON - First in the world in the field of blood pressure monitoring and device development

Our company has been the representative of the Japanese OMRON Healthcare in Hungary since 1990; OMRON being confirmed as the first in the world in blood pressure monitoring as well as the production and development of the devices.

It distributes the most up-to-date medical devices and facilities for improvement of the health condition, prevention and diagnosis of the diseases all over the world. OMRON blood pressure monitors distributed by us include, - in addition to the upper-arm and wrist semi-automatic devices - also the completely automatic blood pressure monitors.

OMRON - Clinically validated measurement values

OMRON blood pressure monitors - competent on the market - are suitable both for home and professional blood pressure monitoring. Algorithm of the OMRON devices is clinically validated, so the most reliable measurements are received. With the newest OMRON IntelliSense measuring technology blood pressure measurement becomes quicker, simpler, more comfortable and painless, in addition to its maximum accuracy.

OMRON - Ultrasonic and compressor nebulizers and other innovative products

Besides the blood pressure monitors, the ultrasonic and compressor nebulizers mean a very important field of products, which can be used for respiratory diseases as well as for the medical treatment of the widespread disease of our age - of respiratory allergy. The OMRON product groups: digital thermometers; electric muscle- and nerve stimulators (TENS devices); body fat meters and pedometric calorimeters.


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