When according to the data of the National Health Fund expenses amounted to 100,51 thousand million HUF in 2013 for supporting medicines of the most expensive diseases in Hungary and the state spent 300 thousand million HUF on treating chronic diseases in medical institutions Promecom concentrates on prevention and sets its business goals in the service of system-approach, health-focused thinking.

The newest generations of devices composing a part of the systems developed and distributed by the company allow – through their automation, measuring accuracy, and intelligent technology – for responsible implementation of mass screening – to be performed home and in the pharmacies every day in the future. These certified devices are not only tradable mass products but also medical diagnostic monitoring devices and instruments. This system would allow – by the introduction of health care screening programs, and joint monitoring of the doctors and pharmacists – for providing again and processing preventive screening of the processed patients and for making its members not only customers, but also health-conscious and health caring partners.