We make value-based connection possible in the digital world.

We have the possibility in our present world to establish our own communities.

One-way communication is stopped; the users are engaged in dialogues and create brand communities this way. Medistance brand is really capable of establishing value-based communities.

By value-creating power of Medistance of the cooperating professional brands and experts much more than the community of brands has been established.

Responsible thinking, good decision = mhealth, healthcare, digital world and digital community.

Along with healthcare we have brought to life a health-centred community creating a new value category.

Our modern, digital world provides the possibility for jointly caring for each other. Our digital age offers several solutions. We can involve our family members, specialists, or friends in this process. We can get connected. We can build a healthy community, utilizing the possibilities of customized healthcare, developed by Medistance.

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