Press Release - January 21, 2020

Digital Health Summit - Digital health conference for the first time in Hungary

For the first time in Hungary, the Digital Health Summit, a forum for digital health professionals, developers, investors and health care institutions, will be held for the first time on 27 February 2020. At the niche conference, speakers and conference professionals will discuss digitalization challenges, the necessary controls, the use of smart-gadgets, and opportunities for investors.

Technological advances that have been raging for decades have transformed healthcare services, and nowadays, their impact is not only visible behind closed curtains in medical offices, in secret research laboratories, but also on the level of simpler forms of care available to all. New solutions allow service providers and services to be linked; In addition to telemedicine and personalized health services, there may be new developments in the very near future, such as predictive medicine or even artificial intelligence-based online testing.

The first foreign speaker at the event is Sander Ruitenberg, Global Head of Digital Health Solutions at Imartology, Hepatology & Dermatology, Novartis AG's IHD business unit, who will show how the Swiss pharmaceutical company is preparing for the future, imagining artificial intelligence, chatbots and more the application of innovations in medicine.

Stephan Aderhold (Ekso Bionics) presents "exoskeleton" devices that allow therapists and physiotherapists to closely monitor the patient's improvement and practice from a distance; they are able to intervene and apply effective treatments up to thousands of kilometers away from those seeking healing. Ekso Bionics has chosen Vodafone's IoT Connectivity platform for data link management; participants will see for themselves the effectiveness of the technology, as the conference will demonstrate the practical operation of a forward-looking solution with the help of a disabled person.

Since 2017, the Electronic Health Services Space has been in operation, a sector-wide IT development of unprecedented depth that can be called the foundation of home digital health. General practitioners, pharmacies, publicly funded outpatient and inpatient care institutions, private health care providers, and the National Ambulance Service, who join the system, access and use a certain amount of data stored in Space through their electronic systems. Patients and physicians can access patient data in an instant to help develop the most effective personalized treatment and to detect and prevent medication adverse events: interactions or overdoses. Bálint Szabó (State Health Care Center) will announce at the event what new features and functions will be added to the system, and how these opportunities can be utilized by the actors of the care system and the patients in the near future.

Current trends in digitalisation, digital process management, Fruzsina Mezei and Rudolf Mezei (Omron Healthcare Hungary) talk about health status monitoring, the role and effects of artificial intelligence and predictive solutions, and then present their operational models, achievements and recent experiences based on standard solutions based on their digital platform in practice . What are the current challenges and the factors supporting and facilitating digitalisation in primary care in Hungary? What are the answers to the cost pressures for chronic disease care, the increase in disease rates, or even the care performance, costs, resources needed to optimize? Participants will receive answers to each of the above questions from the presentation.

The presentation of Szilvia Horváth and Attila Ábrahám (Egis), who will talk about whether the patient can really focus on how the classic pharmaceutical ecosystem is transformed by digitalisation and how Egis prepares for change, will also be of great interest.

Dr. Zoltán Csiki, Deputy State Secretary for Professional Management of EMMI (Ministry of Human Resources), will report on the fine-tuning of the conditions, regulations and possible changes in the digital health market.

The roundtable organized by the conference will also see serious discussions about the role of digital health, domestic health needs, investor interests, and opportunities for growth and jump-off.

Attendees will have the opportunity to personally discuss their ideas with large companies in the field, digital product companies, public and private health excellence and industry investors - so the first Digital Health Summit is a must-have opportunity for all concerned, interested and for a dedicated professional.

Digital Health Summit - Hungary's first digital health conference
Date: February 27, 2020